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Zeitungsartikel über den Knastalltag von trans* Frau Alexia Metge

Hier findet ihr einen Artikel von über die Situationen von trans* Frauen in Haft. Insbesondere wird die Situation von Alexia Metge näher beschrieben. Schaut rein:

Radiobeitrag bei akpradio zum Bündnis zur Abschaffung der Ersatzfreiheitsstrafe

Gestern am 4.7.2020 um 20:30 Uhr lief die Sendung über das Bündnis zur Petition zur Abschaffung der Ersatzfreiheitsstrafe bei Radio Köln und einige Tage später bei als podcast …der dort wohl auch noch eine Weile zu hören sein wird!
Hört rein!

Presseartikel zu unserer Petition „Ersatzfreiheitsstrafen abschaffen“

Hier eine kurze Sammlung an bisherigen Berichten über die Petition und die Abschaffung von Ersatzfreiheitsstrafen.

Small Talk in der Jungle World vom 14.05.2020:
Jungle World – Niemand soll wegen Armut in den Knast

Neues Deutschland vom 01.06.2020:
Neues Deutschland – Wegen Armut im Gefängnis

Und der Link zur Petiton: Zur Petition

Bündnispartner*innen der Petition zur Abschaffung der Ersatzfreiheitsstrafe

Die Petition zur Abschaffung der Ersatzfreiheitsstrafe wird durch zahlreiche Gruppen und Einzelpersonen unterstützt.
Hier die Liste aller Bündnispartner*innen (wird fortlaufend aktualisiert):

AK Entknastung bei der NFJ Berlin

Seminar für angewandte Unsicherheit [SaU], Komitee für Grundrechte und Demokratie e.V.

Tatort Zukunft e.V.


Befreiungstheologische Gruppe Berlin

Rehzi Malzahn, strafabolitionistische Autorin

arbeitskreis kritischer jurist*innen HU

autonomes knastprojekt köln


TransInterQueer e.V.

Queerfeministisches Netzwerk München

Strafvollzugsarchiv e.V.


Solidarity 1803, Köln

Knast-Soligruppe Göttingen

Aidshilfe Köln

Und hier geht’s zur Petition:

English translation of our petition for the abolition of the substitute prison sentence

Abolish punishment of poverty!
Amnesty for prisoners affected by “Ersatzfreiheitsstrafen” sentences now!

The Ersatzfreiheitsstrafe is a prison sentence handed out to people who are unable to pay fines. This means that people without the means to pay fines are punished more harshly than people who can. 
With the COVID-19 pandemic, focus has been on social distancing in order to protect the population. This also has to apply to people in prison. We therefore call for the abolition of substitute custodial sentences!

Prisoners in the penal system are especially vulnerable to infection. This is not only due to a higher than average number of prisoners having pre-existing medical conditions, but also because infections spread quickly due to confinement and a lack of adequate and accessible medical care. Aside from ethical reasons, now it’s important to reduce the number of prisoners to protect against infection.

In a first step, prison sentences due to a monetary panelty have already been suspended nationwide, with the suspensions differing from state to state. Some states are not accepting new prisoners with these sentences, others aren’t accepting new prisoners with less than six months to serve, and some prisons are releasing people – but all of these people must serve their terms later.

The next step must be an amnesty. The mere postponement of a prison sentence or the interruption of imprisonment creates an extremely precarious situation for those concerned. They are forced to wait to serve these sentences, unable to start afresh or make any stable structures – difficult at the best of times, and with the restrictions or hiatus of services that could help them in light of COVID-19, impossible.

Not only is an amnesty more ethical than suspended sentences, it’s also logistically better.

In the long term, mere suspension would only lead to a backlog of prison sentences, which would lead to overcrowding in the prisons. Our aim is to solve this problem now instead of delaying it for the future.

The Ersatzfreiheitsstrafen hits the poorer sections of the population particularly hard, and the number of those who cannot pay is likely to increase in the future due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
According to the Senate Administration of Justice’s response to a parliamentary question by Green Party member Petra Vandrey, more than half of all Ersatzfreiheitsstrafen prison sentences in Berlin prisons last year were for fraudulently obtaining benefits, many of them, for example, for repeated use of public transport without a ticket.
The health risk that prisoners currently face in the penitentiary system is very high. Exposing people to such a risk due to a lack of economic resources is not acceptable under any circumstances.

We call for the abolition of substitute prison sentence!
We demand the amnesty for all prisoners with substitute prison sentences!
We demand an amnesty for all outstanding arrest warrants on the basis of a substitute prison sentence!

To sign the petition, please go here:
You‘ll also find the german version of the above text on that page.